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What is the problem — Why is it a problem — What is the impact




Return on Investment (ROI) and Key performance indicator (KPI)

“UX can improve KPI’s by over 83%”

- Digital Commons

“Important to realise that UX is now more about the context. Looking at the probability rather than the possibility. By reducing functionality you increase probability of users actually using the system.”

“The 1–10–100 rule.
- Spend $1 on research (prevention)
- Spend $10 on changing design (correction) or
- Spend $100 on changing something in development (failure)

The earlier you invest in UX, the cheaper it is in the long run, and you get a much better ROI.”

- The cost of quality

“The ROI is a purely financial indicator and quantifies how successful a project was in relation to its investment. […] KPIs, on the other hand, are key figures that you can choose or define yourself which translate the success of a project — however it may be defined — into tangible figures.”

- TestingTime




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