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This is arguably the most important part of innovation and product improvement. You might have a unique and incredible idea, technology or solution at your fingertips. But before you can launch your product, you need to understand your users and what it is they need. This means getting to know your target audience. Understand how they would use your technology.


With insight from your user base, you can begin defining your solution. You’re effectively creating a problem statement. A problem statement is a concise description of the problem that needs to be solved.


The phase where you come up with ideas. No ideas should be barred. No idea deemed too crazy. During this phase go wide and think of far flung possibilities on how to make your solution. By brainstorming you push the boundaries and look at what is plausible and doable. You’ll uncover use cases that you were unaware of, and expand the potential of your solution.


Now you have an understanding of what your technology is capable of. How users will benefit and what functionality should be included. The time has come to create prototypes. Create low fidelity prototypes. And this is where the iterative aspect of Design Thinking comes in. Testing brings you back into the design cycle. As you cycle through your designs and iterate, you move onto higher fidelity prototypes. For each iteration you come closer and closer to a final product.


Testing your prototypes is critical. It shows whether your solution works. More importantly, as part of the iterative design cycle, you will revisit the empathy, define and ideate phases. This will give you priceless feedback from your users on the progress of your designs. User tests highlight aspects of your design that work, and those that don’t. It can also streamline the resources devoted to different aspects of the development.

Return on Investment (ROI) and Key performance indicator (KPI)

This is a big part of UX Design, and often a controversial topic. Several principles within design are very difficult to quantify. Design is therefore often overlooked or dismissed. Despite scepticism, studies show a clear advantage. As found by Jakob Nielsen, often lovingly referred to as the Grandfather of Design:


Regardless of where in the design cycle you are as a business, it is never a bad time to revisit some of the steps. As your product evolves, your users will have new feedback and insights. This can help evaluate your product definition. Re-Ideate, come up with new designs, and do more testing. Then the cycle repeats.



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Forkbeard Technologies

Forkbeard Technologies

Forkbeard is building the world’s leading indoor positioning platform by combining Bluetooth Low Energy and ultrasound technologies.