Mr. Beacon Podcast: The origin & technology of Forkbeard

How did Forkbeard originate?

Can you tell me more about your beacons that you sell and how many you typically need to do indoor positioning?

Ok, if I would use 1 beacon for every 30 square meters, what would be the accuracy that I can expect?

Positioning you against other technologies you are much better than Bluetooth® alone, slightly better than angle of arrival and not quite as good as ultra-wideband. Would that be a fair categorization?

Why did you go for ultrasound?

You mentioned that you also use Bluetooth® in your solution. Do you combine that with ultrasound?

Can you quantify the accuracy of time? Will there be a difference in positioning between sprinting or walking casually through a shopping mall?

Do you have an app or how do you consume this technology? And I assume you would need to have the app in the foreground?

Now let’s get to the interesting questions. I have to ask about the name. Where does the name Forkbeard come from?

And one last question. I see you did your PhD at Cambridge, how was that?



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