Leveraging social distancing tech to reopen Delft University

Source: News segment on NOS (full video on Forkbeard’s LinkedIn)

Covid-19 having a severe negative impact on the travel and hospitality industry is no surprise. However, an industry which might not come directly to one’s mind is education. We have previously written about universities, their need to reopen and their different pandemic response measures. If you have missed that post, you can find it here. The mental well-being of students and the universities’ financial pressures are main drivers to open back up. In order to accelerate the reopening of the campus Delft University of Technology has been conducting a research pilot leveraging Forkbeard’s technology for social distance monitoring.

TU Delft


Research Pilot

Source: News segment on NOS (full video on Forkbeard’s LinkedIn)

Subsequently, Forkbeard’s app, Proximity Monitor, used Bluetooth Low Energy signals to log the duration and distance between student interactions. For students who wanted to use an alternative to their phone, 80 tags were provided. Forkbeard’s solution works seamlessly across tags and phones, as well as iOS and Android operating systems.

The interaction data from phones and tags was then displayed using a live analytics dashboard built by EY and SAP. TU Delft’s staff could get a live overview of several metrics such as the number of total interactions, number of smartphones used or interactions generated by smartphones (vs. tags/wristbands). Furthermore, the interactions were classified into different risk types ranging from low to high. This allowed staff to monitor the risk distribution of the interactions overall, as well as subset it by user group (e.g. staff vs students/visitors) and by location (e.g. entrance, coffee corner, project rooms, etc.).

Source: TU Delft

The research pilot showed promising results not only for monitoring social distancing, but also for the performance of TU Delft’s other measures that the university has deployed to ensure social distancing. Based on the results the university will allow in more students already this week. The Dutch national broadcaster NOS covered the pilot in more detail during the evening news last week. The clip is available on Forkbeard’s LinkedIn page.

This is an example for how Forkbeard’s technology together with other measures can ensure a safe return to normalcy. In addition to social distance monitoring, the versatility of Forkbeard’s solution enables it to be deployed across a plethora of other pandemic use cases. These we have detailed out here.

Forkbeard is making the solution available through EY and you can learn more about it in EY’s blog post or video. Contact us here for more information or discuss with us in the comments section.

Originally published at https://forkbeardtech.com on March 16, 2021.

Forkbeard is building the world’s leading indoor positioning platform by combining Bluetooth Low Energy and ultrasound technologies.

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